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5 Tips for Eating Organic on a Budget

Eating organic — products free from genetic engineering and synthetic fertilizers — is becoming more and more popular as families strive to put the healthiest meals on the table. However, organic products can be expensive and inaccessible, especially when one is living on a tight budget.  For single parents, youRead More

Dion Lewis Memorial Hope Run

Also known as the Neon Dion Run, our 5K fundraiser seeks to raise support and awareness for single parents as they pursue higher education.

Building a Strong Support Network: Connecting Single Parents

Finding a support system is crucial to being uplifted and encouraged as a single parent.Whether it is having someone as a listening ear, turning to a fellow parent for advice, or seekinglocal support to help you manage childcare, finding community can remind you that you aren’talone — that there areRead More

The power of cryptocurrency: an impact for generations to come!

When people think of donations to nonprofits, they typically envision large checks or transferring money from bank to bank. In the past year, however, H.O.P.E. Inc. has been significantly impacted by another method of donation: cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency — a digital form of currency — has grown in popularity over theRead More

Celebrate the impact of our 6 graduates this April!

This April, we are celebrating the graduations of six H.O.P.E. participants! These single parents have worked hard to complete their degrees, and now they are finally getting to live out their dream careers. Juggling school, work, and parenting, it is no small feat for these students to be receiving theirRead More

5 budget-friendly activities to try with your kids

As summer quickly approaches and the weather warms, the time for fun family activities is upon us! However, finding budget-friendly ways to keep kids entertained can be tricky.  Luckily, there are ways to create fun activities with your kids without breaking the bank. Here’s five budget-friendly ideas for how toRead More

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