‘Giver of Hope’ Monthly Donor FAQ

A program to ensure HOPE can be given to single parents wanting to continue college education in order to rise out of poverty and increase income earning potentials. The need has never been greater in the Atlanta area.

Your monthly recurring gifts allow us to focus on helping single parents in the Atlanta area graduate from college, and spend less time worrying about how to fund our programs every month. It also reduces our fundraising costs by using less postage, and reduces the use of paper, thus saving trees as an environmental concern.

An automatic recurring donation of a specific dollar amount from the account designated by the donor.

Monthly gifts allow us to have the funds available to help a family when an unforeseen crisis arises and make the best use of our resources.

Yes, you can pledge a recurring amount as little as $10 per month, up to any recurring amount you would like to pledge. We have established the following recognized monthly recurring levels: $10 Hope Silver; $25 Hope Gold; $50 Hope Platinum; $100 Hope Diamond and $250 Hope Ruby.

Your help of a monthly gift can alleviate poverty for parents in the hardest torn area of our country, Atlanta, having the hardest time climbing the income ladder.

• Hope Silver $10 per month ensures that a single parent will have bus transportation to and from classes.

• Hope Gold $25 per month helps pay for job and life skills training for a single parent attending college.

• Hope Platinum $50 per month helps pay for counseling and emotional support to succeed for a single parent that had unexpected expenses.

• Hope Diamond $100 per month helps pay for rent assistance for a single parent struggling to stay in school and stay in their apartment.

• Hope Ruby $250 per month helps pay for child care assistance for single parents attending college.

It’s easy to pledge a monthly gift and become a ‘Giver of Hope’. Just click here then select your monthly pledge box and check the box that says “make my payment a recurrent payment”.

Next, in the next blank box select “monthly,” or whichever way you want to divide your recurring payment, options from the scroll bar. For example, if you want to pay $25 a month, select $25 and click the recurring box. You will see another box appear, in which you will click “monthly”. From there the form will automatically tell you what your monthly payments will be.

Complete your contact and credit card info and we do the rest! Thank you!