Eating organic — products free from genetic engineering and synthetic fertilizers — is becoming more and more popular as families strive to put the healthiest meals on the table. However, organic products can be expensive and inaccessible, especially when one is living on a tight budget. 

For single parents, you may be wanting to purchase organic foods, but it feels like the cost is too high. Luckily for you, we have some tips that can help you shop for the best products at the lowest prices.

  1. Pay attention to the season

Produce is more expensive out-of-season due to shipping costs, so you can save money by buying certain products only when they are in season. For example, beef is usually at its peak season after the weather first cools down in the fall, so you’ll find cheaper prices then. Plus, these products will taste better since they are more fresh! To shop seasonally, you can get more information from local farmer’s markets and community-supported agriculture programs (CSAs).

  1. Buy in bulk

Purchasing larger quantities of organic products like onions, potatoes, and flour that don’t go bad quickly can help you save money — and time running to the grocery store. Plus, you can freeze items in bulk like organic meat or fruits and veggies to have on hand at later dates. To buy in bulk, consider shopping at a store like Costco that specializes in affordable bulk items.

  1. Purchase store brand products

Seeking out the generic store brand of your favorite grocery store can help you cut costs, since store brand products are often priced lower than name-brand items. Here are some labels to look out for at your local store:

  • Publix: GreenWise
  • Aldi: Simply Nature
  • Target: Simply Balanced
  • Kroger: Simple Truth
  1. Use cash-back apps

Want to make easy cash back? There are apps where all you have to do is scan your receipt, and they will give you cash rewards. Check out apps like Fetch Rewards to start making a little extra on your purchases today.

  1. Look for coupons

Websites like can offer you additional savings on your organic groceries if you take the time to look for good deals. You can also sign up for your local grocery store’s loyalty program to earn additional savings and rewards from past purchases.

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