Tanisha is a 44-year-old single mother to two children — one minor and one adult — living in Douglasville, Georgia. When Tanisha found herself newly single while attaining her nursing degree from Chamberlain University, she struggled to keep up with her bills. Working part-time and trying to maintain her studies, she applied for H.O.P.E.’s program, hoping the organization could give her the needed support to complete her degree.


Having worked in healthcare for 20 years, Tanisha always knew that she wanted to obtain her nursing degree. Though she had started nursing school previously, she never completed the program — taking a class every now and again before quitting. However, when Tanisha started her degree at Chamberlain a little over two years ago, something was different. She was determined to finish her degree, and nothing was going to stop her.

Client Situation

Tanisha was working part-time while attending classes when her long-term relationship ended. Where he had been helping with bills and rent, suddenly Tanisha was trying to cover all the costs of rent, childcare, and tuition on her own. “When he left, I was working part-time, and I was in a position of strain,” she says. “I wasn’t sure if or how I was going to make it all happen.”

It wasn’t long before Tanisha came across H.O.P.E. Inc.’s program through a university email. After speaking with Kenita Smith, H.O.P.E. Inc.’s founder, she knew she wanted to become a participant. “I had my meeting with Kenita, and that solidified everything for me,” Tanisha says. “With the type of help you receive from the program, it was definitely worth it.”


H.O.P.E. supported Tanisha through $400 a month in rent assistance, helping to relieve her financial burden and stress. The program even assisted when Tanisha’s car was totaled in an accident, offering funds for rideshare services to transport her to work and school.

“H.O.P.E. allowed me to survive nursing school and get another part-time job that was better for my schedule,” Tanisha says. “The combination helped me finish school without any hiccups or fear.”

Tanisha graduated from Chamberlain University’s nursing school in September 2023, and she has a job lined up to work in an ICU department in November. She always wanted to work in critical care, and now, Tanisha finally has the job of her dreams!


“I definitely feel the impact from H.O.P.E.’s program. Without it, it would have been more of a struggle to manage work and school and make ends meet. H.O.P.E. was a huge relief, and they truly took the burden off.” (Tanisha, 2023 Graduate)