#GivingTuesday: Join Us In Honor of GA Gives Day

“We couldn’t have done it without you,” is something we hear a lot at H.O.P.E. And while the success of our single-parent graduates is owed in large part to their hard work and dedication, we know how much that extra bit of support really meant.

From helping them find childcare to arranging for rent assistance, and even just being there along the way if things get tough. We’re proud to say that we’ve helped over 70 single parents in Atlanta graduate from four-year colleges, with many of them able to double their incomes as a result.

Help Us Do More

And while we’re grateful for all that we’ve been able to achieve (with the support of donors like you!), we’re always looking to do more. In the spirit of this season of giving, and in honor of Georgia Gives Day (12/1) on #GivingTuesday, we’re asking again for your support.

By giving as little as $10, you can help us open a savings account for a single parent. If you’re able to donate $25, you’ll pay for one of our participants to receive personal finance training. Larger donations will help us secure things like counseling for our single-parent students, or even allow us to pay for a full week of childcare, or a month of rent assistance.

We’re dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty in our community, one single parent at a time. Help us meet our goal this #GivingTuesday (12/1) by making a donation to our holistic program that’s changing the lives of parents and children in Atlanta.

Help us help them!

About HOPE

Here at HOPE, we’re dedicated to helping single parents of Metro Atlanta through education.
Our program plays a key role in social justice by ensuring that our participants, 95% of whom are African American, are able to obtain their college degrees and secure future wealth, opportunities, and privileges in our society.

If I was in her shoes…

It’s hard to believe that this little boy has grown to be such a great young man. In this picture, he had to be about three years old, and now he is a freshman in college at Georgia State University, proving that kids of single parents that go to college have a 40% chance of attending college as well.

There are many characteristics and qualities that make him awesome. He’s well mannered, intelligent, family-oriented, and gives HOPE every month to support single parents in need, just to name a few, but what reminded me of what a wonderful son I have is what he did today! Without any pressure from me, he donated $33 to our GA Gives Day Campaign to help us meet our goal, and he did it because, “if it was me in need, I would want someone to give too!” It was a simple statement, but to hear that statement coming from an eighteen-year-old millennial truly blessed me! Being a freshman he can understand how hard it is to finish college, and knowing his mom’s story he acted.
Destinee literally has only one semester left of college, and almost had to drop out due to a series of financial hardships. At this moment, we are only $502 away from our goal of $1,000. to help her complete her college degree. You can help by clicking here today,

Thank you in advance for believing in our single parents and being the help they need!


Kenita Smith, BBA, MBA, MA
President/CEO & Founder
H.O.P.E, Inc.

P.S. We’re halfway there! Click here to help Destinee today!