Let’s talk about burnout. Whether you are a newly single mother or have been parenting solo for a long time, it is common to push yourself to the brink as you juggle work, school, and raising a child. Sometimes the stress can become too much, leading to exhaustion and a lack of motivation in day-to-day life.

As a single mother, it is important to make time to rest and prioritize your own self-care needs, putting a stop to burnout before it creeps in. To help you get started, here are four actionable tips and strategies for incorporating self-care into your busy life.

1. Go outside

Simply going outside and getting some fresh air can be an easy way to start practicing self-care in your daily routine. According to a study from 2019, spending as little as two hours a week outdoors can positively increase your mental health and wellbeing. Going out into nature has other benefits as well, including better sleep, reduced stress, and a boosted immune system!

2. Exercise

Not only is exercise important in maintaining a healthy body, but it is also proven to boost your mood. Try fitting in a workout at the beginning or end of your day, or you can even look for a local gym that offers childcare services. There are plenty of at-home exercise options as well, from watching Youtube videos to subscribing to guided workout apps like Apple Fitness or Sweat. Even if it is a short walk or a 5-minute workout during your lunch break, moving your body can help lift your spirits and help you regain energy throughout the day.

3. Journaling

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by all the thoughts in your head? Journaling can relieve stress through the process of writing your thoughts down, helping you process what is actually on your mind. By creating a routine of journaling every day — even if it is just a page or two — you can create a beneficial habit of prioritizing your problems, thoughts, and fears. Journaling is also an opportunity for you to practice positive self-talk, identifying negative thoughts and behaviors. 

4. Find a support network

One of the simplest self-care hacks for a single mom is asking for help. Whether it is asking a family member to watch the kids so you can have a night to yourself or setting a time to talk to a friend at least once a week, it is important to have a community to lean on. Even seeking out other single parents can be a good place to ask for advice or find a listening ear.

At H.O.P.E. Inc., we want to help single mothers avoid burnout and stress as they pursue their degrees in higher education. By offering financial services like rent and childcare assistance — as well as life coaching, budgeting courses, and resume help — we hope to remove barriers and give single parents a head start in pursuing their dreams.

Are you interested in H.O.P.E.’s program? Learn more about applying to become one of our participants, or you can donate or volunteer to come alongside us in our mission!