The Incredibles. Thor. Spiderman. Iron Man. Wonder Woman. Batman. Black Panther. By now you may be wondering why all the superheroes, but why not? Superheroes possess abilities that the average person doesn’t.  Superheroes go above and beyond for the greater good of humanity. Are you a superhero? On October 2nd we are summoning all the superheroes to answer the call in Duluth, GA. The work of a superhero never ceases. On this day, we will go on an adventure to do some great work for the non-profit organization Hope Inc  (Helping Other People Be Empowered).

Can we count on you to answer the call? 

Yes, you! The one who is reading this ask. The one who has a heart to give of their time, resources, and financial support to aide single moms in college, the superhero!

This year we are gearing up with our favorite superhero costumes to participate in the 8th annual Deon Lewis Memorial 5K Run at McDaniel Farm Park. Superheroes with all sorts of powers will assemble to walk for HOPE.

Are You Ready to Answer the Call?

  • Ready to help, but not run the 3.5 miles? Remember not all heroes wear capes! Click here to give a donation in the name of the Deon Lewis Memorial. This will continue to support single moms working to attain a college degree to break the cycle of poverty.
  • Ready to dress up in your favorite superhero gear and run for the cause? Click here to register yourself or a group. The cost is $25 per person. Each registered person will receive a goodie bag with a colorful, high quality HOPE Hero T-Shirt.
  • Ready to run, but you’re not in the area? Click here to join us virtually any time from September 18th – 30th to answer the call. We encourage all superheroes far and wide, near and far to answer the call. The cost is $25 per person.
  • Ready to share the call with someone who you think can help? Mobilize any personal superheroes in your life to assist with this tremendous request.

Are one of these you? Let’s Answer the call!