She is a twenty-seven-year-old, single female single mother of one in Kennesaw, Georgia. Jasmine contacted H.O.P.E. Inc. for childcare assistance to help her remain in school while attending a very competitive Dental Hygiene program at Fortis College.


Jasmine is a single mother of one.

Client Situation

Jasmine was about to drop out of school because she didn’t see a way out when it came to her childcare problems. She was in a very rigorous Dental Hygiene program at Fortis College and alone in a new city with no family locally to help. After sharing her concerns with her program advisor, she was referred to H.O.P.E, Inc. A few months after being accepted into H.O.P.E, Inc.’s program, she lost her job and didn’t know what she was going to do. Yet, H.O.P.E, stuck by her until she found a part-time job at a local Walmart.


H.O.P.E. Inc. agreed to assist Jasmine with $350 a month in childcare assistance and later provided that aid in rent assistance. With the holistic support provided, Jasmine was able to remain in school and budget her reduced income, even in the midst of a pandemic. H.O.P.E, Inc.’s emergency assistance helped her with food and utilities while maneuvering the country’s shutdown. She even donated a barely used Mac laptop from a donor when her computer failed in the middle of the semester. Jasmine graduated with her Associate’s in Dental Hygiene in January of 2021, increasing her hourly revenue from $12.95 to $38.50 an hour, a 197% increase!

Jasmine accredits H.O.P.E, Inc. for graduating and plans to give back to H.O.P.E. Inc.


“Thank you so much for EVERYTHING! I was literally going to drop out of the program because I couldn’t afford child care! But now I am a graduate, I’m so grateful for HOPE!!!” (Jasmine, 2021 Graduate)