As summer quickly approaches and the weather warms, the time for fun family activities is upon us! However, finding budget-friendly ways to keep kids entertained can be tricky. 

Luckily, there are ways to create fun activities with your kids without breaking the bank. Here’s five budget-friendly ideas for how to make the most of your family time this season.

1. Go outdoors

A fun activity with your kid can be as simple as stepping out your front door. From playing at local parks to setting up a picnic, there are so many adventures you can create without spending a dime. For example, you can use Alltrails to find local trails and parks you can hike, bike, or play at. You can even go treasure hunting with the Geocaching app, which helps you discover little hidden treasures around your town. 

2. Visit a museum

Discovering local museums can be a cheap and educational way to spend time with your kids on a day off. Many museums are free or have discounts for children, and some are even designed with play areas for kids. Find a local children’s museum here, or discover what museums are near you at the Museum USA website.

3. Get creative with home activities

There are so many ways to create fun memories at home. Start a weekly home movie night by renting movies for free at your local library, or organize a family talent show or competition. From building a blanket fort to designing a scavenger hunt around the house, there are lots of creative ways to keep kids entertained. Check out Today’s Parent’s guide to get some ideas for activities to do at home.

4. Involve your community

One of the best ways to keep activities budget-friendly is by involving the people around you. Reach out to friends with kids to start a monthly sleepover exchange, invite other families over for dinner and a game night instead of going out, or see if any family members would be willing to babysit for an evening. Leaning on community can be a way to ease financial burden while also providing social time for your family.

5. Teach new life lessons

When your kids are home and not at school, it can be a great opportunity to teach them new and fun life lessons. Bring your kids into the kitchen to teach them new recipes, or read them some of your favorite books that have impacted you. You can even give your kids a head start on how to be smart with money through programs like Delta Credit Union’s free Cool Cash Camps, which teach young children how to budget and plan financially for the future.

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