Meet Laverne

She is a fifty-year-old, single female single mother of five in Jonesboro, Georgia. Laverne contacted H.O.P.E. Inc. for rent after struggling month-to-month to pay her rent as she attended Georgia Perimeter (now Georgia State University) for her Associates degree in Education.


Laverne is a single mother of five children.

Client Situation

Laverne was stressed and in dire need of help when she contacted H.O.P.E. Inc. She struggled to pay her rent month-to-month and often received eviction letters on her door and high late fees to avoid being evicted. She was praying and looking for a way our when she found hope. H.O.P.E, Inc. provided the assistance she needed and relieved the burden and stress she carried for months.


H.O.P.E. Inc. agreed to assist Tiffany with initially $250 and matriculated it’s assistance to $350 a month in rent assistance. She was offered training on career planning, self-management skills, equal pay, budgeting, reducing debt, and received other support services; such as, school supplies, holiday gifts, and Thanksgiving dinners. The extra support helped two of her daughters graduate from high school and get accepted into college in 2018.


“H.O.P.E. Inc. has been a huge impact on my life supporting me, when I needed assistance, so I could finish school and achieve my degree to better myself and provide for my family. I am so grateful for the program and Mrs. Kenita Smith for sharing her vision with me and my family, I am so grateful for an awesome mentor, leader and women of God who has a heart for all single parents. I cannot tell how H.O.P.E. has impacted me without saying thank you to Mrs. Kenita Smith, she was there for my anytime I needed her support. She didn’t only help me in the nature with financial help but spiritually as well. Thank you, H.O.P.E. In.c and supporters I can say that I am a proud 2019 graduate from Georgia State University with my associate of arts degree in Education. Thanks for being a light in my dark place, thanks for chining in my life.”

Laverne, 2019 Graduate