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Maria Barnett

Maria Family PhotoClient Need: Maria

Maria is a thirty-three year old, single mother of three. She contacted H.O.P.E. Inc. for financial assistance when she found herself living on a friends couch, homeless, trying to pursue her college studies.


Maria was going through a divorce, nothing a young mother of three wants to experience. She was faced with a quick reality that she hadn’t experienced before, she was a single mother and she soon realized that being a single mom is very difficult.

Client Situation

She worked full-time and attended school online full-time, but her salary wouldn’t allow her to make ends meet. She experienced a decrease in hours at work, which made her net salary about $400 a week to live off of. Maria could not support her family and pay her bills. She tried to compensate her income lost by pawning her valuables and taking out PayDay loans; however, she still struggled month after month with no idea how she was going to pay rent and other bills.

In addition, her childcare expenses was making her financial circumstances even more overbearing, and she “did not foresee a light at the end of the tunnel” and was hoping HOPE could help.

“I was hoping I could get some sort of relief so that I can continue to work on my degree and not stress so much about household bills for a period of time.”


By providing rent and childcare assistance, H.O.P.E. Inc. did just that for Maria. Maria was able to get off her friend’s couch, pay her rent on time, and meet her childcare needs.

Maria made it! She graduated in 2013 with an Associate’s degree in Psychology and continued her education to obtain her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology.


“Your organization helped me a great deal. With your help, my financial burden was lifted and I was able to put more focus on my school work and it showed in my grades! It was all because of the support I received from H.O.P.E., and I thank you.”