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Childcare Assistance

Up to $100 a week is paid in childcare assistance directly to the childcare provider on behalf of the program participant.

Rent Assistance

Up to $400 a month is paid in rent assistance  directly to the mortgage lender/apartment leasing officer on behalf of the program participant.

Social Services

A licensed social worker volunteer offers education on resources available to single parents outside of our organization. This would include assistance and seminars on obtaining other social services such as food stamps and Medicaid as well as help locating quality childcare and housing.

Life Skills Trainings

HOPE, Inc. provides empowerment training programs that encourage self-sufficiency and stability that consists of job-related training, such as career advancement skills (resume/interview preparation, job search skills) as well as financial literacy programs, including monthly webinars on budgeting and credit counseling provided by a certified financial advisor.

Emotional Support and Mentoring

Participants work with a volunteer counselor to develop a Personalized Service Plan.  In addition to outlining specific areas of financial need, this Plan will also identify areas in which the participant needs emotional support and mentoring as pathways to empowerment. Referrals to community resources such as spiritual counseling or other counseling is available.