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**At this time we are only accepting applications for the Metro Atlanta area. **


The qualifications for H.O.P.E participant are as follows:

  • Must be a US Citizen
  • Must be a single parent.
  • Must be a high school graduate, or have obtained a GED
  • Must be enrolled in a two or four-year college as FT student working towards a college degree (no certificates or diplomas)
  • Must be employed as a FT or PT employee for at least 6 months
  • Must show financial need
  • Must have a 2.7 GPA or higher             


To apply for our program services you would need to…

  • Step 1:

    Preferred Email: *

    Applicant Date of Birth: *
    Social Security Number (without dashes): *
    I am a US Citizen: *
    Home Status: *
    How many years at this address?: *
    Number of months at this address.: *
    Name of Leasing/Mortgage Provider: *
    Leasing/Mortgage Provider Address: *
    Leasing/Mortgage Provider Phone: *
    Leasing/Mortgage Provider Email: *
    Child 1 First Name: *
    Child 1 Last Name: *
    Child 1 Birthdate: *
    Child 1 Gender: *
    Child 2 First Name:
    Child 2 Last Name:
    Child 2 Birthdate:
    Child 2 Gender:
    Child 3 First Name:
    Child 3 Last Name:
    Child 3 Birthdate:
    Child 3 Gender:
    Child 4 First Name:
    Child 4 Last Name:
    Child 4 Birthdate:
    Child 4 Gender:
    Additional Child Info:
    Childcare Provider (or NA): *
    Childcare License Number (or NA): *
    Chilcare Provider Street Address (or NA): *
    Childcare Provider City (or NA): *
    Childcare Provider State (or NA): *
    Childcare Provider Zip Code (or NA): *
    Childcare Email Address (or NA): *
    Childcare Provider Phone Number (or NA): *
    Current Employer: *
    Employer Street Address: *
    Employer City: *
    Employer State: *
    Employer Zip Code: *
    Employer Phone: *
    Employer Fax: *
    Employer Email Address: *
    Position Title: *
    Salary: *
    Applicant Annual Income: *
    Household Annual Income: *
    No. of people in household, incl. you: *
    How Often Paid: *
    Years Employed: *
    Months Employed: *
    Relative not residing with you: *
    Emergency Contact Street Address: *
    Emergency Contact City: *
    Emergency Contact State: *
    Emergency Zip Code: *
    Emergency Contact Phone: *
    Emergency Contact Email Address: *
    Relationship of Emergency Contact: *
    Reference 1 First Name: *
    Reference 1 Last Name: *
    Reference 1 Street Address: *
    Reference 1 City: *
    Reference 1 State: *
    Reference 1 Zip Code: *
    Reference 1 Phone: *
    Reference 1 Email Address: *
    Relationship of Reference 1: *
    Reference 2 First Name: *
    Reference 2 Last Name: *
    Reference 2 Street Address: *
    Reference 2 City: *
    Reference 2 State: *
    Reference 2 Zip Code: *
    Reference 2 Phone: *
    Reference 2 Email Address: *
    Relationship of Reference 2: *
    University Advisor: *
    University Advisor Email: *
    University Advisor Phone: *
    Current University: *
    University Street Address: *
    University City: *
    University State: *
    University Zip: *
    University Phone: *
    University Fax: *
    University Email: *
    Major: *
    Primary Degree: *
    Secondary Degree: *
    Yearly Tuition: *
    How Long?: *
    Expected Graduation Date: *
    Current Weekly Childcare Tuition: *
    Monthly Mortgage/Rent: *
    Gender: *
    Household Monthly Income: *
    Semester Housing Request: *
    Semester Childcare Request: *
  • Step 2:

    Once the application is submited, please email the following supportive documents to or fax to 678-623-3628 (no mailed applications or documents please). In addition, make your one-time, non-refundable, $10 membership application fee payment below.

    • Proof of employment (Most recent last 4 paycheck stubs)
    • Proof of enrollment in a two or four year college via a Letter of Enrollment Verification and current transcripts listing last semester’s grades and your overall GPA (official or unofficial)
    • Documentation regarding the day care costs of your child(ren) (if you need childcare assistance)
    • A copy of either your social security card, birth certificate, or pass port for proof of US Citizenship.
  • Step 3:

    When you submit your documents please tell us a little bit about your current financial need and what services you are applying for (rent, childcare, or both).

Once we have received all of the necessary documents we will review your application and contact you. Please keep in mind that first priority goes to applicants that are in the metro Atlanta community; however, we do accept out of state applications.

Please make your application fee payment online by clicking below.