Meet Ashley

Ashley (right) is a thirty-two-year-old, single female single mother of two children in Douglasville, Georgia. Ashley contacted H.O.P.E. Inc. for rent & childcare assistance to help her through an accelerated Dental Hygienist Program at Fortis College.


Ashley is a single mother of two children.

Client Situation

Ashley heard about H.O.P.E, Inc. by chance. She was used as a reference for a friend that applied and was encouraged to apply once it was realized that she was a single parent too. She was accepted into the program two months after applying, which was a huge relief since she was struggling to pay her rent and childcare due to her school schedule affecting how many hours she could work.


H.O.P.E. Inc. agreed to assist Ashley with $250 a month in rent assistance, and $115 a month in childcare assistance. Not only did she receive financial assistance, but she was also able to take advantage of free counseling for her son through a partnership the organization had with a licensed counselor. The financial training and other supportive services (school supplies, holiday gifts, holiday dinners, etc.) truly helped Ashley feel supported and not so alone.


“Mrs. Kenita helped my family out tremendously, financially, with educational resources, and even family counseling and therapy.” Being a single mother while attending school and working has been difficult, but having an organization behind you, assisting, stepping in, and encouraging you to finish has been nothing short of a blessing. I’m so grateful for all the donors that contributed to my success without knowing it. I am forever thankful for H.O.P.E. and pray it continues to prosper so that many other women behind me can benefit from such an awesome program. I’m graduating July 12, 2019 as a registered dental hygienist!!!”

Ashley, 2019 Graduate