Meet Antesha

She, a thirty-four-year-old, single mother of four in Decatur, Georgia, applied for H.O.P.E, Inc.’s program after fleeing a domestic violence situation and enrolling herself into American Intercontinental University (AIU) to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Forensic Science in Criminal Justice.


Antesha is a single mother of four children.

Client Situation

Antesha enrolled in AIU in 2016 after deciding to give her children a better live. She suffered from domestic violence for years and finally decided to leave for her children’s sake. She left without anything but the clothes on her back, her children, and her car. She would work as much overtime as she could to get shelter for her and her children. Once she did, she struggled to get back on her feet. Unable to cover her basic needs, she contacted 211, which referred her to H.O.P.E, Inc.


H.O.P.E. Inc.’s agreed to assist Antesha with $250 a month in rent assistance and $85 a month in childcare assistance. With consistent financial support, Antesha was able to get back on track. She was able to start saving and learn how to manage her money better through H.O.P.E.’s Financial Training Program. She was able to receive free counseling and other support during the school year and holidays. Her children also benefited from the H.O.P.E, Inc. program, having received grants for summer camps.


“When you speak about the good that people are doing in the world, the name HOPE, Inc. should be included in the conversation. This is because not only has Mrs. Kenita put together a program that is aimed at helping the family that nobody wants to help, she has opened a door for other programs to follow. My reason for saying this is because she shows that not only herself, but other workers of the program care about the outcome of a person that they are helping.”

Antesha, 2019 Graduate